Angel Beats! Episode #01

Let’s see… Key + ASCII Media Works + Aniplex + a dash of Haruhi on the main heroine + Conflict against God = You got Angel Beats!

This episode involves a newcomer named Otonashi, who is dragged in by Yuri and the SSS in the “afterlife battlefront”. Their mission, defeat God at all costs.

I’ve gotta say, the first episode is the bomb with all the seriousness on one side with putting pun comedy and crazy reaction on the other. And this is just a single episode!

Still, it lets me wonder why the SSS needs a all-girls band as distraction for their operation… are they aiming this anime against KyoAni fanboys? Doubt it!

Moreover, I couldn’t believe that Yuri is similar to Haruhi but without God powers and being a rational leader, except that Aya Hirano is not voicing Yuri this time. Still, her actions and voice does remind of her.

Anyways, Angel Beats! could be a promising show on this season. Just hoping that Aniplex won’t let me down!

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  1. AMGitsKriss says:

    Yeah, this was an awesome episode, can’t wait for more. I’m somewhat dissapointed though, as not many fansubbers seem to add subs for in-show songs anymore, and those that do don’t like putting in the Japanese subs at the same time.

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