Angel Beats! Episode #02

On this episode, Yurippe and the SSS plans for a restock on weapons at the Guild. She called it “Operation Guild Descent!”

No, not that kind of descent!

This one, on the underground!

*Cue insert ED Theme*

Oh, and did I mention that there are traps on this tunnel.

-Ah, forget it! Yup, Noda-baka fell for it!

Still, they continue their descent into the Guild… Well, with some casualties starting from Noda-kun mentioned on the above pic.

See that guy with glasses who falls to the ground? That’s Takamatsu.

Then it continue to Takamatsu…

…to Matsushita…

…to TK!

“Crap, I forgot this trap!” There goes Ooyama-kun as well…

Oh, Otonashi… you’re a perv dog!

While at a pinch, Otonashi tries to save himself by climbing the human rope…

Otonashi is safe and helps the others climbed up to safety! Hurray…

Well. except for Hinata-kun, who falls down after groping Yuri on her “erogenous” part.

*cues CM break*

Oh, are you predicting that Otonashi will be the next trap victim after the break?

You’re wrong, Fujimaki… you’re wrong!

“Must save cute puppy!”

And finally, Shiina is the last victim via cute things..

…leaving Yuri and Otonashi as the only survivors. Well, let’s take a break from there!

While resting, Yuri tells Otonashi about her sad and scary past that involves a burglar gang orders little Yuri to find valuable things or face execution of her siblings…

She failed, and she blamed God for not helping Yuri and giving her an unjust punishment.

Pff, so much space and equipment will be smithereens! Oh, bother…

At last, they finally arrived at the Guild only to be… blown away against the Angel.

“We’ll fire the cannon against the enemy! So don’t worry about it…” Um, you failed that!

Still, the guys at the Guild managed to escape and blown it to pieces (along with Angel-san). And now, they arrived what is now their original home of the Guild. At least they can restart again making weapons from scratch.

See, it’s so colorful when Angel is playing the piano!

So far, Episode 2 is so wacky with the trap montage! But how come Yuri’s past was included midway into this episode? Still, the addition of the OP Sequence, complete with Angel playing the piano and Lia singing, is so well-played by P.A.Works, even rivaling those with KyoAni.

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  1. Kriss Jessop says:

    Yurippe’s embarresment when he sticks his head into her chest xD.

    Anyhow, perhaps you should wack a spoiler warning somewhere on this site.. y’know.. just in case..

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