Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode #02

“It’s not that I like to do “tsundere” things in front of you guys…”

Man, it has more focus on Nozomi than Fumino-chan!

Then again, why is Hocchan (as Kanae Naruko) shows up a scene (like this one), then leaves after? (the God Hand scene) I wonder why…

Still, it’s all ’bout Nozomi doing everything! From making cakes…

…to repairing a TV!

Even petting Chise-chan to submission.

All of these makes Fumino jealous… So yeah, Nozomi is so multi-talented! Of course, there are fanservice, but blocked either by cats, or Satou and Suzuki. Anyways, I guess Ayane-chan (as Nozomi) will become popular if she continues that “Nyaa~” catchphrase.

“Nyaa~” See…

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