HEROMAN Episode #03

Previously on HEROMAN… After Joey shows Heroman to his friends (including Will and Nick), the Skrugg begins their invasion on Earth, starting on the west coast! Professor Denton can’t believe that he contacted an alien race that will rule the universe. Luckily, Joey and Heroman managed to save the Prof and Lina against the initial Skrugg soldiers. After saving both Lina and Prof. Denton, the Skrugg mothership begins their descent to take over parts of the city. And now…

Will can’t believe that Joey is the hero and not him! Feeling jealousy can kill you someday, I presume…

Without hesitation, the Skrugg Army unleashes their weapons on the hapless humans! Let’s just say they put their guns on!

After saving Lina and Professor Denton, Joey heads to his home and tells her grandma to leave and save herself. But was thwarted by Will who questions him about his robot and being a hero. Lina stops his brother from bullying our protagonist, but Joey ignores it and then leaves to save his grandma.

At the White House, the President was informed about the attack at the west coast. So he sends the armed forces over there to suppress the invaders. The US Armed Forces attacks with all their might to stop the invaders, but they were no match against the aliens.

Meanwhile, after destroying the American Army, the leader of the Skrugg prepares for the next phase by setting up their base using their spaceship.

As the two are heading to their home base, they were spotted by the enemy thanks to Joey’s interference, stopping the enemy from destroying homes. Of course, Joey fights the enemy using Heroman.

Fortunately, Joey and Psy managed to safely arrived at Joey’s house with the old lady safe from harm. But she didn’t realize what’s happening outside because of her knitting… Sheesh!

After capturing the power plant and setting their base, the Skrugg declares to the world that Earth is theirs and whoever stands against them will be crushed. And that’s the end of episode 3!

Now personally, Will is very irritating to me on this episode, now that Joey has Heroman makes him very jealous towards our protagonist. And now, he wants to become a hero as well because he deserved to be one (which IMO, doesn’t deserve it for being a jerk). At least the angsty traits are belong to the rival, not our hero, Joey.

As for the Skrugg, even though they proclaim it that Earth is theirs, they just invade only part of California. What will they do to Earth is unknown…

So anyway, next episode involves the Skrugg dropping a ball on their hapless human slaves. Oh, and I’m not dropping this anime, I’ll just finish this thing and give this a final verdict… if Bones deserve it!

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