Angel Beats! Episode #03

Listen to her song!!!

Really, ’cause this one might be- Wait, we don’t want to spoil you at the beginning, just read the rest!

Oh, and “get chance and luck!”

Meet Iwasawa (Yeah, pretty much appeared in Episode 1), a girl who has a troubled past in which her parents are always fighting that can’t stand the bickering of it and leaves her cower in fear.

Includes psychedelic moment!

Until she hears a music that has the same problems as hers. And after hearing it, her life open… and thus began her dream as a singer! (and a guitarist, by picking an old guitar)

Becoming a music artist is tough for her, doing part-time jobs and partaking auditions in order to fulfill her dreams!

Sadly, her dream didn’t achieve when she collapse, has cerebral infarction caused by a blow to the head from her parents’ quarreling, and the loss of speech, which makes her more miserable and thus end her life… not fulfilling a dream of salvation.

Just call him Christ-kun or tremble in fear with the power of Pi!

Anyways, on to this episode! The SSS will conduct a hacking operation on Tenshi’s home base. And since they can’t do that stuff because they’re idiots, they hired a genius… named Takematsu!

Now this mission requires the Girls Dead Monster to distract the NPCs so they could do their work without getting caught! This includes Tenshi-chan, as well…

Too girly, isn’t it?

Now at the Girl’s Dorm, they infiltrated Tenshi’s base. Sadly, it didn’t look like one…

While doing some hacking on Tenshi’s data at the SSS side, the GirlDeMo is doing their stuff at the stage! Even Yui, the GirlDeMo’s greatest fan is amazed…

…until they were interrupted by teachers Damn you, Tenshi and your authority!

Still, not slipping away, Iwasawa makes a last-ditch effort by saving her treasured guitar and played her ballad all across the campus with the help of her bandmates…

And what a performance that was! It was so heartwarming that she suddenly disappeared after finishing it. Can’t believe it!!!

I guess that was her last after all… Yui and the rest of GirlDeMo (including the SSS and all of the NPCs) will miss her! Time to B’Awwww, guys…

This episode pretty much a character trade-off with one character gone and another one coming up! Personally, even though Iwasaka didn’t have development time, still played her last song to the finish! (even though Miyuki Sawashiro is not the one who’s singing) For Tenshi, this is just a discovery to the SSS that she is learning and growing with new weapons coming up on her arsenal. Maybe God does not want to give her god-like powers yet to pwn those rebel students easily.

As for Takematsu- Ugh, let’s just call him Christ-kun, he maybe a boring nerd but his l33t skills on hacking makes every idiot tremble!

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