Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode #03

Okay, let’s recall what happened… A typhoon hit the Kantou area of Japan and everyone stayed to their homes! But not for Fumino-chan.

She goes to Takumi’s house, and thus starts this episode!

Of course in a typhoon, every shit happens starting from a blackout, making life very hard in the dark. Of course they pull it through and ends up sleeping on a futon with the girls on each side and Takumi on the middle.

Then suddenly in the morning, Nozomi disappears with a note left behind. So, Takumi and Fumino starts their search (with their buddies as backup) of the stray catgirl.

During the search, Fumino says that she don’t want to join the search for Nozomi, but Takumi refuses! Then, she makes a confession to Takumi that she love him… or hate him? Man, this is confusing! Moving on…

Finally, they found our stray catgirl at the highway, but Nozomi refuses to return home. But after some convincing and storytelling of Takumi’s past, Nozomi finally returns to them! Oh, and about Fumino’s confession…

It was just a lie… or is it?

Well, this is just a continuation of last week’s episode. Aside from the confession, this episode doesn’t have the impact on the drama. So yeah, just an average episode with neither Yui Horie suprise role nor the maids in action.

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