Maid-sama! Episode #04

Today’s episode, a rival appears in the form of a net idol! That’s Aoi Hyoudou there getting cute.

You can’t resist the cuteness…

Also behold Takumi’s extreme cooking…

So good, that everyone at Maid Latte agrees to his skills!

Oh, and Takumi attempts to seduce Aoi-chan… or rather assault the net idol.

Sorry but, Aoi-chan is a trap! (Well, both Misaki and Takumi already know Aoi’s identity) A trap who likes cute things, being bullied by her his peers for being “fabulous”!

Even Satsuki agrees to not only his cuteness, but his fashion and sewing skills.

See, Misa-chan looks fabulous! Anyways, we’ll have to look forward for the next episode…

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