Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Episode #04

This episode deals with a treasure map… or sort! However, we’ve got a glimpse of what happened to Fujiko’s brother.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the identity of that blonde-haired guy and his involvement. Moving on! (NSFW)

Every student at Constant Magic Academy needs some PE in a form of magick exercise. As a student, Akuto-kun must find a partner and train their magick together. He partners up with Junko-chan… with mixed results!

Realizing that his mana is so powerful, yet unstable, Mitsuko-sensei advises him to train in the isolation chamber for 12 hours.

However, a lot has happened inside the chamber that he suspend it for a day.

Of course, they find something important that she, Fujiko, is getting frustrated and losing her cool! That’s right, a map!

Unfortunately, it got worse by spreading it across the school (Thanks a lot, Keena-chan!) and calling it a test, which Akuto-kun is not involved but he doesn’t want them to get hurt.

That’s when Eiko Teruya interrupts his speech and leglocks him to submission! (Man, does this anime have another fetish of leglocks lately?) Sadly, we have to wait (or find it yourself by reading the novel or manga) on her connections to Fujiko and her brother’s past!

Next episode (with Teruya), to the school ruins!

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