B Gata H Kei Episode #05

Will she succeed and level-up from Yamada 2 to…

Yamada 3? Let’s find out…

The first half of this episode is all about Valentines Day… every girl in Japan has to give chocolate to boys, whether it is homemade or not! Still, most of them are homemade.

Mayu’s cooking is well-astonished by almost… everyone! (Well, except for being klutzy) Sadly, she didn’t give the chocolate cake to Kosuda directly, which ends up in failure!

Yamada, on the other hand, is not a good confectioner… almost wreck the kitchen! Unfortunately, her shyness kicks in and instead placed it on the mailbox without a name on it and ran away. Kosuda eats it and says that it’s good in the other way around. But still, she fails to show up on that day… Failure! This makes the God of Sex angry, telling her that her sex powers is decreasing as a result, which will go onward to the second half…

“No panties!”, the ultimate tease that makes her very “breezy” and “see-through” on her crotch, but makes every man having a easy boner! (Even Takeshita can’t believe it!) Thanks to “that girl with buns” who read a magazine and dons nekkid!

Luckily, Kosuda managed to “see” it after going back to the library to get something. And here’s the result… I guess she’ll never forget what Kosuda sees!

Next episode is the return of the exchange student! (Can’t remember her name, though…) Oh, and those lens flares on this episode hurts my eyes a bit…

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  1. AMGitsKriss says:

    This series really does get better and better.

  2. i ♥ this anime and manga sooooo much XD

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