Maid-sama! Episode #05

Now you know that Misa-chan is the sweetest girl in the face of other people… And we all know about her as a man-hater. (except for Usui, sometimes…)

Oh and what’s this… a taser and other kinds of self-defense items? Could it be that there’s a maid stalker on the loose? Let’s find out!

At school, we all know that Misa-chan is a hardworking student president that can pummel the boys with ease.

While at Maid Latte, she’s a maid… Of course, Usui is there as her customer! (and the three stooges…)

But it seems that there’s someone wants a piece of her… Moving on!

Satsuki, the manager, has a meeting to attend and other maids has to go home with different reasons. So Misa-chan decided to guard the maid cafe until the manager returns.

Of course as a woman, there are more dangers ahead… like stalkers, kidnappers, and rapists. But for Misaki, it’s a piece of cake! (when Usui was mistaken as a assaulter)

Next day, it’s business as usual at Maid Latte! So was the usual faces, who wants to get attention by intentionally tripped the glass! (Man, these two are getting suspicious!)

Of course, Misa-chan is all alone again… and this is what happens!

With Misa-chan held as captive by the hands of those two stalkers, saying that she’s the ideal maid and the real Misa-chan, Takumi steps up the plate and saves her!

But it seems that it’s too late for him after Misaki wrestles the stalkers with ease! (And they enjoy it? Weird…) Takumi can’t stop laughing on Misaki’s enraged face, but what about the glass window there, Usui-kun?

At least the two stalkers apologizes to Misaki, but they admit that she’s the sadist and they’re masochists. After all, Misa-chan is Takumi’s personal maid!

The two stalkers turned themselves to the police. Misa-chan thanked Usui-kun for saving her… (Well, it’s just that she saved herself, but at least he did his best to save her!)

Oh, and Satsuki is back! But she’s gonna faint when her glass window is shattered…

Next day, she tells to her fellow employees of what happened yesterday. Aoi-kun tells her to call for help like any woman would do, but Misa-chan says that she can’t help it. Aoi-kun then gives her the cellphone with her picture from last episode, Misa-chan is flustered with embarrassment when she saw it!

Of course, Aoi-kun sends that picture to everyone, including Usui-kun! There goes your dignity as a tough girl…

So there you go… Even though Misaki is a tough girl, she has the dangers of getting assaulted by perverts or whatever she would encounter! (Which is a nice change of pace of being a tough girl, but she won’t let it go in the end!) For Usui-kun, he’s becoming more serious on Misa-chan when she’s in danger, but he was so close on saving her if she hadn’t beat up the two stalkers! Anyway, the next episode is all about bunny ears and point cards!

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