Angel Beats! Episode #05

On this episode, it’s time to defeat Angel once and for all!

Well, not that one! This one… Anyways, let’s continue!

So in order to make Angel quit her job as a student council president, the SSS must make her fail the test by swapping the answer sheets with the ones with mistakes! But in order to accomplish the task, every selected SSS member must make a distraction while Christ-kun swaps it! Oh, and if Angel notices something… Otonashi will take care of things!

The next day, it seems that Angel (or Kanade Tachibana) looks depressed. And they were right! She was fired from her position and was replaced by Naoi-kun. (debuted in Ep. 4) Man, this shouldn’t be a problem… I think!

With Kanade out, Yurippe commences another Operation Tornado with the same tactics as before!

Oh, and look… it’s Kanade walking to the cafeteria to get something to eat! But she lost it by the wind… Yurippe, you’re so evil!!!

So where is Kanade’s meal ticket… it’s on Otonashi’s hands! And its meal is so spicy yet with a delicious aftertaste, that both he and Hinata tried it! Imagine Kanade eats that spicy mapo tofu alone… all alone! *sheds tears*

And what about Naoi-kaichou being a weaksauce. I was wrong! He arrest all SSS members to detention camp… what could be worse than that?

Still, I felt pity to that angel… she does not deserve to be caught in Yurippe’s schemes! For the SSS brigade, I guess I have to wait for the next episode! (And please, no disappearing acts on SSS members and give TK a line or two, Mr. Maeda!)

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