Working!! Episode #05

If you look at the chart, everybody at Wagnaria are being weird or different: moeblob Popura-chan and her height complex, Inami-chan’s androphobia, katana-wielding Yachiyo-san, lazy old hag Kyouko-san, Teaser Satou-san with a mean look, and Souma-san’s blackmailing habits.

This means that Takanashi-kun is a normal person? Think again… Moving on!

First half is all about Popura-chan with all its faces!

I’ve kinda want a scene where Popurazilla ravaged the city of Hokkaido… Sadly, if only they would focus on her for the whole episode… I’ll be sold!

And now, just look at her being teased and getting angry while Satou-san quickly changes her hairstyle!

Meanwhile the second half… pretty much “meh!” without Takanashi-kun at Wagnaria. (He has to take care of his young sister, y’know!)

So it’s all about Inami-chan again and her androphobia problem, which pretty bothers Souma-kun and her man-hating punches!

Good thing cellphone are helpful when talking from a distance… isn’t it wonderful, Souma-kun?

So what shall they do when there are more male customers which Inami-chan is afraid of confronting them?

Why not change some work roles for a day: Souma-kun and Satou-san as waiters…

…Inami-chan preparing the dish, and manager Kyouko doing cashier work!

Next episode, a Takanashi sisters episode! Oh, and no Inami-chan around… what a relief!

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