Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Episode #05

If this picture describes you as “epic!”, then you’re right!

Just insert the OP of F-Zero: Legend of Falcon and it’s all set for a Falcon Punch parody!!!

Now, this episode deals with the Yamato Boichirou thing in the crypt, which Akuto-kun was sent by President Lily Shiraishi to investigate. However, it soon joined up by Junko, Keena, and Fujiko!

Oh, and did I mention that the ruins have a hot spring to take a dip and rest? Well, you do now… with more nekkid action! (Well, not as detailed as you think!)

With Keena and Fujiko in and Eiko out, our explorers finally reached their goal… only to be revealed that it was set-up by the Student Council!

But not for Fujiko… she kept going far beyond the goal! Enter… Peterhausen!!!

Now, for Fujiko’s brother… Peterhausen revealed to everyone (plus Fujiko) that his brother erased his memories containing the location of the dragon in order to not fall into the hands of this blondie guy! Mystery solved, but not the dragon. Peterhausen wants to fight!

And here goes Aa-chan doing his thing as the badass, would-be demon lord (Complete with demon makeup) saving Fujiko and punching the dragon into submission! Everybody wins, hurrah!!!

Most huzzah coming from Prez Lily for kissing the demon lord to be)

And here’s the commemoration picture from the Constant Magick School Student Council. Very fitting with Akuto’s harem of girls, plus no. 1 minion Hiroshi and top it all out… one Peterhausen at the background!

You want to become a normal person? Sorry, but your fate has been sealed…

Key-kun from Seitokai no Ichizon (by Takashi Kondo, same VA as Akuto-kun) would be jealous for seeing a demon lord and his harem… He should become a demon lord instead of a vice-president at Hekiyoh Academy!

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