Kiss x Sis TV Episodes #04 & #05

To make up for lost time, here’s a quick review on Kiss x Sis TV Episodes 4 and 5!

Warning… Ep. 5 has the return of Bow Ditama’s staple, the urine shower!

Now Ep. 4 is just a flashback of their childhood years and explaining why Keita becomes so distant for his two sister just because he can’t marry both! But today, at least he’s hanging out with his sisters a bit and promises himself that he’ll be joining up with Ako-nee and Riko-nee in high-school! Pretty much average on this episode.

In Ep. 5… things just got a bit naughtier with the return of the urine shower! This time, it’s Miharu Mikuni becoming the focus of this episode… Everything from groping to the “omorashi” thing, it pretty much sums it up already! Oh, and there’s a Juuden-chan cameo on TV… but it’s not Kaori Fukuhara doing Plug on this episode!

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