Angel Beats! Episode #06

With Naoi-kun now running the whole campus, what will the SSS do?

Observe and make a riot at the same time! From eating, playing, going out, balancing, exercising, and napping… you name it!

For Kanade-chan, she’s recently becoming sweetier as the series passes. Perhaps she’ll join the SSS if it is possible…

Then again, looking at her while eating Mapo Tofu, and sleeping at the detention room makes it more cute. But don’t forget her ability to upgrade…

However, this episode turned into a bloody drama fest by the second half, with Naoi and his gang “punish” the SSS with a hail of bullets. Even Yuri can’t help the fact that they’re outgunned by a non-NPC President! Bit kinky when I saw this scene, but it seems that Naoi’s hypnosis didn’t work!

In the end before the cliffhanger, it turned into a bawfest with Naoi-kun explaining his past life as fake, then Otonashi making a nakama hug on him, telling that his life is real! But if Naoi-kun resolves his angst (needs a slap from Bright to Shinji) in let’s just say Episode 7 or later, then who’s the big bad now? Still, this atmosphere shift from comedy to drama is a bit hasty. I guess Jun Maeda needs to be slap to get a hold on the production.

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