B Gata H Kei Episode #06

This episode focuses on one of the Meet Kyouka Kanejou… a transfer student from America who is nice and friendly to everybody! (Complete with sparkles) However, her nice facade lies a dark personality…

She hates someone (like Yamada) who berates herself as Number 2! (Remember Episode 3, hmmm?) Kyouka wants to be No. 1 at everything!!!

Plus, she has more secrets to uncover… In fact, she’s an absolute bro-con (complete with dakimakura) for Keiichi-kun who wants to give her virginity to him for some incest, which is way more creepier than… well, Yamada! (Who wants to have 100 sex buddies ASAP)

Still, can’t blame from these two chaste sex maniac… they’re only human! Maybe a field trip on the next episode would be a change of pace… somehow.

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  1. jamile says:

    adoro a kanejou kyouka!!!

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