Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode #05

After the hot-springs episode, it’s back to their normal lives, particularly Stray Cats for some work on Sundays…

Well, not one of them…

At the club meeting, Chise-chan plans to make some doujin stuff and hit it big to Tokyo Big Sight! Unfortunately, nobody can’t draw nor make games and they have work to do (Especially Fumino, Takumi, and Nozomi), which makes her pretty disappointed… and lonely.

So what will Chise-chan do? By making another pastry store with the help of Kaho-chan so that Stray Cats will close and all its employees will be taken by the new store.

In order for Stray Cats to stand, they will join the bikini contest to promote their store. (Sans Otome-neesan. Her figure will dominate the competition as intended by the organizers. Even everyone will be eavesdropped by her body!) Chise-chan follows suit, as well!

Still, they put some drama, explaining on Stray Cats as being their home and will never replace it and welcomed by everyone which makes Chise-chan cry.

In the end, everyone is happy and stuff with some bikini shots till the end! But what about the organizers? They’re just visited by a certain woman from Stray Cats! Man, I wish they would spend their time on Big Sight, it would be cool!!!

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