Maid-sama! Episode #06

Misa-chan becomes the “Master” of these guys…

Identical quintet brothers who wants to be like her! Well, she’s a bit annoyed when she’s with her students…

Luckily, there’s the three stooges of Seika High (which they fail to supress the Inuyama Bros.) and Takumi-kun! (which is not related to Takumi from Mayoi Neko Overrun)

Despite the nuisance, the Inuyama Bros. are very hardworking on their studies! Just don’t let them know her secret…

Back at Maid Latte, Takumi take a photoshoot together with Misa-chan after winning a card game via maid points.

For the Seika High three idiots, they lost in a landslide by Misa-chan!

Man, just look at her skills in order to keep her secret…

At the same place, Satsuki suggests the maids to wear bunny ears for the next event. Just look at Satsuki-chan, she’s doing it right! Not for Misaki though… even Honoka is unimpressed with her acting!

On the rooftop of Seika High, Misa-chan takes a rest and thinks about how to deal with her secret as a maid. Of course, there’s Usui-kun… resting and discussing on Misa-chan’s secret.

But it seems that he’s just teasing her by showing the commemoration picture at Maid Latte, thus she become furious on taking it back! Sadly, the picture accidentally slip away by the wind and is now falling down to the ground where the Inuyama Bros. are located… crisis ensues!!!

So what’cha gonna do with the picture? With a little kiss from Takumi to Misa-chan (Wow, first time they kissed! Woot!!!), he then jumps off to reclaim it!

By the time Misa-chan arrived at the pool, Takumi succeeded on reclaiming his picture!

But it seems that Misa-chan’s students are already at the scene, so what would Takumi do?

By making Misa-chan as Takumi’s bodyguard…

The Inuyama Bros. were shocked! Well, at least her secret was safe… After all, this is a great episode that finally sets up the romance with a first kiss.

Next episode, some guys from Miyabigaoka High and a crossdressing event at Maid Latte!

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