HEROMAN Episode #06

Previously on Heroman… The three survivors (Joey, Psy, and Prof. Denton) have come up a plan to defeat the Skruggs. Along the way, Joey found Lina and she joined him to the party. However, they were attacked by new Skrugg soldiers, who happens to be Will and Nick. At this point…

Will have regained consciousness when he saw his sister. But unfortunately, he was taken away and retreat along with Nick… On to the next one!

On this episode, the remaining survivors of Central City (Joey, Lina, Psy, and Prof. Denton) are making a plan to infiltrate the Skrugg base, stop the steel balls from reaching their goal and cause destruction (Example of this is the White House at Washington DC) and save Nick and Will from the Skrugg’s hands.

However on the White House side, the President has recruited Dr. Minami who offers his assistance on stopping the spheres without losing lives nor using nuclear weapons.

Aside from getting attacked by a Skrugg Cone and was stopped by Heroman, this episode introduces the strange doctor named Dr. Minami. However, his motives is a mystery from now other than his villainous looks so we have to find out in later episode if he’s involved with the Skruggs. As for Lina… she maybe joined Joey’s party, but her commitment nor involvement on saving his brother and stopping the Skruggs respectively is in doubt, judging the fact that she, IMO, is in shock for witnessing Will as an enemy.

But then again, she maybe alright… for now! To the next episode…

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