Working!! Episode #06

This episode is all about the Takanashi family, which means that it’s a normal day in Episode 6. Don’t expect too much though…

Well, never mind!

As always, the Takanashi sisters are acting weird as usual! Even Kazue couldn’t stand Izumi and her failures as a novelist.

Heck, she can’t even clean up her mess!

For Nazuna, her cuteness and position as little sister has gained respect to her 3 older sisters so much… that she controls them for Souta’s sake!

Maybe she would become an evil woman in the future…

Oh, and there’s Inami-chan (not enough love for Popura-chan on this episode), but no punching this time around!

Good thing Souta has come up a plan by using a magic hand to give her a present and other uses.

Still… her strength rivals that of Shizuo Heiwajima by bearhugging the electric pole that almost fall down despite the cracks made by the man-hater herself!

Anyways, next episode will introduce a new employee at Wagnaria… and it’s a girl!

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