Kiss x Sis TV Episode #06

The Suminoe siblings are heading to Akihabara for some sightseeing for otaku culture! Well, not really… The sisters’ only objective is to buy an eroge after having trouble searching ecchi words form “Guuguru“, which the site blocked it from showing the results.

NOTE: Ako-nee has become Ako-nyan in the entire episode. (Keita loves it!) Kudos to Ayana Taketatsu for making a K-On! reference on this episode. (Mustang guitar included.)

But our main focus on this episode is Yuuzuki Kiryuu, Ako-nee and Riko-nee’s homeroom teacher (in the anime), who is an otaku (as evidence on cosplaying Mahoro from Mahoromatic) that loves cosplaying and has a samurai fetish…

…particularly, Naoe Kanetsugu, who has a strange fantasy of having sex with the famous general. She was asked by her young sister Mikazuki to buy an eroge since she can’t buy one due to her age.

In exchange, she has to pose (with cosplay as Mai Shiranui) for her sister’s photoshoot as compensation.

Unfortunately, she can’t help her otaku antics: from punching a guy and taking the eroge and making out with Keita-kun in a samurai cosplay, which they were caught by Ako-nee and Riko-nee.

Still, it’s a good episode though, despite Ako-nee and Riko-nee not getting the eroge that they wanted.

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