HEROMAN Episode #07

Continuing from last episode of Heroman, it’s time for Joey Jones and his company to infiltrate Skrugg’s base! However…

They have to confront Nick and Will as Skrugg assassins!

Since they are now at the Skrugg base via the sewers, the four survivors have split into two teams; Psy and Prof. Denton stops the controls of the spheres, Joey and Lina saves the assassins from the Skrugg’s control. Both Joey and Lina went to the sphere factory with the assassins on tail. Heroman and Joey confront the two assassins and managed to outpower them!

Will regains his consciousness thanks to Lina and Joey. However, Nick was now immersed himself into serving the Skruggs now that he has power. Sadly, it ends with a cliffhanger when the sphere factory crumbles and everyone falls… Their question now is their survival, but another question is what will the President do when he possesses the sphere in which Doctor Minami suggested?

PS: I guess Nick becomes the rival to Joey and Heroman… for now!

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