Kiss x Sis TV Episode #07

Let’s talk about Ms. Kiryuu, the fujoshi teacher from last week’s episode!

But for now, let’s go to the swimming pool… Together with Suminoe sisters, Mikazuki-chan, Keita-kun, and Touda-kun!

As you can see, everyone is having fun at the pool, including the bikini slip-ups! But Yuuzuki doesn’t want them to let their fun go too far! Instead of stopping them…

She got served by Ako-nee and Riko-nee with water. So what she gonna do when her clothes are wet?

Borrow Keita’s sweaty gym clothes and wear it! And when she’s arrived at her home, she has to wash it. But instead of washing Keita’s gym clothes…

She wears it again and gropes herself. Naturally, she’s now masturbating… painting pictures of having sex with Keita in her head!

Man, what a pervert she was… now that Yuuzuki wet herself after humping her Kanetsugu dakimakura!

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