Maid-sama! Episode #08

This episode is the continuation of the Miyabigaoka arc!

Don’t worry, she’ll be safe… I hope! Anyways, let’s go to the latter half of the episode.

At Miyabigaoka, Misa-chan talks about her transfer to Tora Igarashi when suddenly his subordinate tripped and spilled the juice on our heroine.

Which forces to take a bath and change some clothes. Unfortunately, her clothes she wears is a revealing maid outfit.

This prompts Igarashi to reveal that he knows her secret and he’ll buy Misa-chan off when he wants to.

Now Tora-kun attempts to rape Misa-chan, what will she do?

Call Takumi and save Misa-chan from Igarashi!

And don’t forget to change your clothes before going outside…

Anyways, Misa-chan is safe and still staying at Seika High. I guess Igarashi-kun will be back for more on later episodes… maybe!

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