Angel Beats! Episode #09

After last episode’s fiasco with Kanade possessing a myriad of Tenshi clones, she pass out and is now resting in the hands of SSS…

Of course, this is not about Kanade on this episode, it’s the continuation of Otonashi’s past! (Particularly, the train crash.)

Now onto Otonashi’s past, he was alive, but stranded on the train with some survivors. He did all things to bring hope to everyone… (even though he didn’t save someone) at the cost of his life when Yuzuru has a wound on his groin. But did donate his body parts to save others when his time was up!

Of course Kanade wakes up, but didn’t return to her original self. (Good thing Christ-kun did the “re-writing” of her program!) With Tachibana awakened, Otonashi decided to help her making everyone at the SSS move on and find peace. Which means that Kanade returns to her student council president post (while pretending that she lost her memories during her stay with the SSS) while Yuzuru working for both sides to find the common enemy and resolve their lives. Of course, dealing with Yurippe’s life would be difficult… Maybe she would become a “final boss” in the future if things got worse.

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