B Gata H Kei Episodes #10 & #11

Another lost time again… Sorry for delays!

Let’s get into the blogging with B Gata H Kei Eps. 10 and 11!

Episode 10 summarizes as Yamada and Kosuda going on a date, then Keiichi still wants to hit on Yamada because she’s different, and get rejected… again! This prompts Kyouka to destroy Yamada’s rep by seducing Kosuda… at her castle! Still fails though as Yamada “rescues” her cherry boy!

Episode 11 really makes you hot in your pants (except for censors, though…) as Yamada and Kosuda will have sex… in Kanejou’s castle! But due to Kyouka’s pestering when those two are getting it on in her room, they decided to postpone it for now!

Maybe in the final episode, though… They need to take their time!

PS: It seems that both Mayu and Kyouka have now “sex gods” of their own! Still pestered (and cockblocked) by Misato-chan in both Ep. 10 and Ep. 11! Also, Mayu’s infiltration to the “Keiichi Room” has increased her klutz powers… way beyond the normal!!!

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