Angel Beats! Episode #12

So it’s time for the final battle where most of the SSS members decided to move on, while the remaining crew help Yurippe to find and defeat the final boss, which is this guy pictured!

Seriously… That guy, who created the Angel Player program, has some social problems. And now, he just programmed this world into resetting it… with love for Yuri!? I guess my interpretations are slightly off…

Anyway, she destroyed the program and save the afterlife from the reset process, indicating her big sister status to the SSS! I guess she can finally rest in peace… Cue to BAWWWW!

Maybe not! Guess there’s unfinished business… Because the last episode is their “Graduation” Maeda, are you making it confusing to the end, or you just focusing on TK and Kanade badassery?

NOTE: It seems that they updated again the ED, but with all the cast. Oh, and it seems that Matsushita tries to imitate TK.

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