HEROMAN Episode #12

So after Joey accepted Lina for a date by coincidence and planning for it, it’s time for the real thing!

However, looks like someone is keeping an eye on our pint-sized hero… That’s right, these people are stalking Joey! Kinda funny how Psy is so worrisome… in a different way, while Holly (always) wants trash Joey’s date! And it seems that both teachers got dragged into stalking our hero.

Once more, Joey’s date was cut short when a robot runs amok in Center City. But it turns out, it was a trap set up by Doctor Minami, who he wants to take revenge against Heroman for his humiliation! Still, Minami’s robot is no match for Heroman.

Joey and Lina on a ferris wheel powered by Heroman is surely the best way to end their date!

But it looks like Hughes has finally found Joey’s secret. What he will do next!

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