Angel Beats! Episode #13

And so, it’s time for the Graduation of the SSS!

Man, I don’t know the reason why Naoi-kun, Hinata, and Yurippe disappeared after making their goodbyes…

Once more, Kanade revealed that she lived a longer life in the real world thanks to Otonashi’s heart. They love each other in the end, but not a while longer… Damn, this ending is bittersweet and heartwarming, but a bit confusing as well!

Although they did good on the comedy and drama department that is typical Key production, this series needs some attention on resolving character problems, backstory, and why did it end that way. And keep that in mind this was his first time Jun Maeda created this big project outside of his visual novel game project that is now Angel Beats!

Outside of the production quality, this series is enjoyable but it’s not a complete train wreck! However, it needs some refinements on characters and the story. Maybe if only the DVD-only episodes will explain everything…

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3 Responses to Angel Beats! Episode #13

  1. Karl says:

    “Damn, this ending is bittersweet”
    Have you watched the part after credits yet? 😉

    • benigmatica says:

      Yeah, I’ve watched it!

      But it only Otonashi finally get a hold on Kanade in real-life…

      • Karl says:

        Thats not bittersweet, thats just a “fuck you, buy the other medias of the Angel Beats! Project”. From the very beginning Maeda decided to split the Angel Beats! Project in several media. Theres a manga for example. They never intended to complete it in the anime. So my hope is, that the “after”-thing comes in either a manga oder a book or something. I am not happy at with how the anime went.
        Ah, and please dont mind my english, I am from germany.

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