Mayoi Neko Overrun! Episode #12

It seems that Nozomi created a new team instead of joining either Team Fumino or Team Chise.

Entering, the “Blooats”! And she literally owned the competition… in a rehearsal!

Man, so cute when she’s in bed!

And now for some drama… at the actual sports festival

Shimako, the Fourth Murasame, gets a hold on Nozomi and wants to take her back to the institute in order to make her number 13 to the Murasame household.

However, she declined to go back because she doesn’t want anyone to become sad in her institute, and she added up that there’s a family that Nozomi chooses to return to.

I guess her crying face tells it that she is happy with Takumi and the others at Stray Cats!

So heartwarming when both Takumi and Nozomi crossed the finish like, until she collapsed…

Although the Murasame debacle is resolved for now, Nozomi feels that she’s in love with Takumi! Of course, she told them to never hold back on their love…

However, Fumino will still go tsun-tsun to Takumi after she almost kissed him!

After 12 rounds of directorship, Mayoi Neko Overrun! ends with a normal one… Although there some few moments that make it fun to watch like the ping-pong scene and the Saki-themed Jenga game episode, most of them doesn’t get the atmosphere flow of the story. But remember, Overrun! was directed by 12 different directors so it makes this series all-random except for the first 3 episodes and episodes 11 and 12!

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  1. Alex May J. Poliquit says:

    love Mayoi Neko Overrun! Its so nice and love the story

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