Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #03

Today’s tale on this episode is…

Rie Kugimiya’s Mimi Usagi against Aki Toyosaki’s Otohime Ryuguu. It’s “The Hare and the Turtle” battle. Except that their competition is the beauty contest!

I guess you have to leave your friendship behind in Kanamemo…

Yes, it’s serious business that both sides will do anything to make their rivals as trash and unpopular as possible!

From Mimi’s playbook to Ringo-chan posing as a certain failed void magician… in front of Mimi fans!

But we know in the end that the hare would lose! Yeah, “stomped” by a red “gun-toting aura” motherfucking riding hood!

Otohime, like Mimi-chan, didn’t win the contest. But at least you have a win from Urashima-kun!

So heartwarming… I guess you could leave your pudgy past behind!

Although no action given by Ookami-san on this episode other than “joining” the contest, I’ve kinda surprised that Aki Toyosaki could do a different voice as Otohime-chan, other than Yui from K-On!! and Keena from Daimaou, whose voice tend to be cute and ditzy in nature. But anyways, next episode will be the focus of Otsuu-chan, the maid of Otogi Bank!

PS: Do you think that this “mysterious person” (voiced by Satomi Satou) is really a girl?

Think again…

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