Shukufuku no Campanella Episode #02

Meet Minette, an automata who is shaped like a human girl, now in the hands of Leicester!

Oh man, that Leicester is so frickin’ lucky that I want to kill him! Must be the genes…

Oh, and don’t trust this man… He likes cute little girls by giving pudding like Agnes for example!

Since they ditch the eroge elements (except for this mild scene…), they replaced it with RPG!

Like this fight scene in the Dragon World… Maybe the world-exploration is similar to DECADE!!!

Speaking of RPG, the twins are so interesting!

They even summoned a golem… just to be knocked down!

Finally, relaxing at the beach is a good thing after a quest! Although, it looks like it’s an impromptu bikini contest with Leicester as judge!

Anyways, it seems that Minette could be a plot device for later episodes after her powers were used against the dragon shadow!

But for now, I’ll just enjoy the sugary-moe moments on this anime…

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