Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode #03

This third episode puts the juniors on a field trip to Kyoto… full of history and adult entertainment.

PS: Ranko Hata will be the guest whistler for Ousai Academy School Rule No. 3!

Does Takatoshi’s sister didn’t know that Tsuda is busy on the paperwork. I guess she didn’t listen at all!

That’s Ranko Hata there… ready to take pictures for profit and fanservice! Just remember to save it onto the PC.

Oh, Suzu Hagimura… it kinda resembles Nagi from Hayate the Combat Butler. Too bad though, she’s a “cluster f bomber” and gets into misunderstanding situations!

Don’t you ever arouse the deer, or you might get humped!

Since Takatoshi-kun is not around on the field trip according to Ranko-chan, it feels that there’s not enough punch on their sex jokes. But they’ll be back next episode! Other than that, Ranko-chan fills the gap for the comedy this time around.

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