Sekirei ~Pure Engagement~ Episodes #02 & #03

Ahh, Kazehana… the lovable drunkard who always flirting Minato! Also, one of the strongest Sekirei in the single-number category.

Good thing Minato is lucky ’cause she kissed him (and winged!), and fling those Disciplinary Squad members away a la Team Rocket!

Oh, Uzume-chan… your cosplay stash have made these two Sekireis more “moe”!

BTW, that white-haired woman over there is Takami Sahashi, mother of Minato and Yukari. Maybe she’ll tell her son about the mystery of Musubi in later episode. (If they have time, that is!)

Wow, Kazehana in “hadaka apron”! Oh, and it’s prohibited.

Anyway, next episode will deal the last remaining unwinged Sekirei! Hint: It’s the guardian of fire…

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