Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #04

Meet Otsuu-sempai, the maid from Otogi Bank! She’s cute and caring…

…but once you save her, she will serve you as repayment… In very extreme cases!

Poor Ryoushi-kun…

This is based on a Japanese folktale called “A Crane’s Repayment”, which tells a story of a poor man saving an injured crane and transforms into a woman to be his wife. But the crane secretly weaves him beautiful clothes to sell using her own feathers as repayment.

Oh, that’s Yukime Murano, Ryoushi’s aunt and landlady whose also an author of various romance novels. (Oh, and Ryouko is a fan of those novels)

Don’t tell her that she’s 30 or something… or you’ll get a menacing glare!

Hmm, Hansel and Gretel seems to have fallen in a incestuous relationship!

Even more maid service! But I hope she doesn’t collapsed due to overwork…

…yet, she did! It’s because that Otsuu-chan didn’t repay her onii-chan after saving from a truck? Definitely!

Well, how about a repayment as the members of Otogi Bank dressed up as temporary maids and serve Otsuu-chan for the day! Hmm, Majo-chan is so cute without her witch costume.

Oh, and they’ll serve everything from food to massage! C’mon, that’s what companions for…

Anyway, Otsuu’s past is kinda tragic that she has to go extreme just to repay them. Although for me, it’s kinda “on the book” but who cares… as long as it’s heartwarming!

Next episode is based on the story of Momotarou!

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