Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #05

On this episode… the story is set on one of the recognized Japanese folktale of all time! The story of Momotaro.

Actually, this is the story of Momoko Kibitsu. This student council president who is bi on every boy or girl in the campus, is on a mission…

…to storm the Onigashima High and demand the president to take hold of the students!

Oh, and her “millet dumplings” are so delicious that everybody likes it!

Speaking of dumplings, this guy is Shirou Hitsujikai, the Onigashima’s new student president who pulled the strings from Episode 2! Considering that his name means “white sheep”, he doesn’t look meek and kind… especially Ryouko-san who he screws her life since middle school! I wonder why he wanted to traumatize Ookami-san so badly?

Oh, and he has a right-hand woman named Reiko Mikuni.

Although there would be no attacks from Onigashima High for now, at least they’re safe! (Nice costume, Ryouko-san.)

Oh, and both Ryoushi and Urashima made a cool act this episode!

Next episode is gonna be Ryouko x Ringo with Ryoushi in between!

PS: The school director, Lamp Aragami, is such a perverted old man! But c’mon, he’s also the founder of the Otogi Bank and the influential Aragami Group so he has some benefits from both himself and the students!

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