Highschool of the Dead Episode #04

So one half of this episodes is some recap from episodes 1 to 3, while the other half is Rei and Takashi going to the gas station named “Shaun” to fill the bike up!

Ooh, Takashi found a revolver! Very handy to kill them off a distance.

Also, the more I see his face, I’m indicating that there would be an orgy in the future! What a sick bastard he is.

Speaking of orgies, this guy wants to have a piece of Rei at the gas station! Oh, and he gropes Rei’s boobs… Man, I think it’s useless to milk her for something to drink!

Too bad though, Takashi just shoot the punk with his revolver and leave him behind to be killed by “them”! Remember, leave a jerkass behind and die when they harass you.

So putting a recap on this episode is a bad idea! Maybe the chapter from the manga is too short for adaption, I think… I guess the next episode reunites the survivors and back to action!

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