Maid-sama! Episode #18

Like I said last time, Tora Igarashi is back for another round of ruining Misa-chan’s life!

Oh, and it happens in Miko Day at Maid Latte…

Worst of all, Miyabigaoka’s vice president Kanade Maki wants to buy Maid Latte and turn into a butler cafe… because he’s rich who comes from the “Maki Dining” group. And it all happens in Miko Day!

Who needs some rich guys that can screw the law just because they have money! Maid Latte can counter that by joining the footman audition.

Yeah, this audition is serious business!

There’s also Kanou x Yukimura pair (C’mon, Kanou is so close to Yukimura because he’s girly in nature!), and these two mysterious butlers. (who happens to be Usui and Aoi-kun)

And while we’re at it, there’s Shiroyan and Kurotatsu! Man, I wish Hayate and Hinagiku participated in this audition!

But in the end, it’s Usui and Misa-chan who will compete as a pair! At least she kept her disguise because her chest is flat as a board… DFC, anyone?

But anyway, the fate of Maid Latte lies between these two against the wrath of Miyabigaoka on the next episode!

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