Strike Witches 2 Episode #04

Today’s episode is a prototype testing of one of the new Striker Unit, the Jet Striker. (based on the Messerschmitt Me 262)

Oh, and Shirley will not do the testing… Gertrud Barkhorn will do it, and it’s not easy to master the Jet Striker.

Anyways, both Shirley and Gertrud staged a duel to see who’s faster. Obviously, Gertrud wins, but it takes its toll on her body.

See, she looks pale and addicted to that Striker! Worse of all, she lost control and fell into the sea…

Man, Barkhorn is so stubborn… she needs some rest!

Meanwhile, the Strike Witches are dispatched to destroy a fast-moving Neuroi missile that can split into five? It’s impossible for the witches to stop them!

Don’t worry, Barkhorn saves the day! But wait, she passed out again…

Good thing Shirley is here to save her comrade.

I guess the testing is over now that the Jet Striker is wrecked! Oh, and the girl with glasses is Ursula Hartmann, twin sister of Erica. As for Gertrud and Shirley… they’re back to bickering terms again! C’mon, where’s the camaraderie?

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