Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode #05

It’s time for a pool episode, where Hata is prepared for getting some gravure shots to sell! Oh, and no pics for Suzu due to anti-lolicon moralists!

But first, Takatoshi-kun got a fever after drenching in the rain last episode.

Then, he got a bad dream where the girls are not talking about sex! Kinda weird for him since he’s gotten used to it.

But at least his sister is taking care of Takatoshi-kun.

Oh, and he got some “get-well” gifts from Kotomi and Shino-chan. Come to think of it, I really want an adaptation of “Imouto wa Shishunki” by the same author.

Yeah, Kotomi kinda resemble Kanami, in spirit!

Man, Yokoshima-sensei is a molester, for some reason! Even attempts to have sex with him by locking the room…

Here’s Suzu again, showing her intellect prowess to Mutsumi-chan. But why “Picassod”?

To end this episode, the student council created a website for the Ousai Academy. But it kinda resembles as a host club. Got me curious on what happens when they click Tsuda-kun’s link…

Next episode is Yandere Shino-chan and some idol singing from the student council!

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