Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #06

Since it’s a day-off in Otogi Back, let’s look at the backstory of Ryouko and Ringo on how they met and become friends… since they don’t reveal much on how Bad Sheep Shirou betray and humiliate her.

And here’s Ringo-chan in her first year, meeting Ryouko-chan for the first time. At least she sympathize Ookami-san for being fragile.

Yes, Ringo-chan will do anything to be her friend: from PE class, to art class, and even the gym!

So heartwarming when they finally gained and accepted their trust on each other.

Speaking of backstory, there’s Ryoushi-kun… thinking how to protect Ryouko-san against that bastard named Hitsujikai-kun. Oh, and Ryoushi needs to man up for him to succeed…

Since it’s the end of the first half of Ookami-san, let’s look forward for the second half!

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