Amagami SS Episode #06

It’s time for the continuation of Kaoru’s arc, in which our heroine is now having feelings for Junichi. Oh please, just confess to him already…

Once more, she’s in denial when talking about their relationship.

Even more when they almost kissed, which Kaoru got mad at Junichi for no reason… Isn’t she going into “tsundere” territory?

Now I know that Junichi did this to Haruka on the ankles, but now he’s gonna kiss Sexhair’s bellybutton! Does he have a fetish on kissing female body parts?

Worst of all, he’s got a witness to boot!

Speaking of fetish, the title for this episode is “Betrayal” “Confusion”. But it’s not about betraying or got betrayed by Junichi, it’s about Kaoru’s mother who is cheating with another man. And that’s betrayal to ya! Looks like she needs Junichi for some company on the next episode.

EDIT: Corrected the title…

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  1. moonspeaker says:

    Actually “Betrayal” is the title of the next episode. This episode was called “Bewilderment”.

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