Highschool of the Dead Episode #05

This episode brings all of the 6 main survivors together… in a land full of deranged bastards and showy idiots that gets the receiving end by a fire truck!

Speaking of crazy people, this woman is Miss Nurse’s best friend who is a sniper and has big boobs just like her. Oh, and she shoots something that resembles a certain Korean actor. But we’ll find out about her later…

Looks like Kohta has finally proved himself a man (because he can’t take it anymore) by saving the three girls (Saeko, Saya, and Shizuka-sensei) from the clutches of Shido-sensei. And we all know that he’s already turned everyone into his followers! I guess it’s orgy time next… maybe in later episodes.

Aside from the infighting, everyone is safe and reunited to kick some ass! But the next episode takes the main 6 some rest before heading out in the open… with fanservice. (Maybe I should skip it if it’s plenty.)

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