Seitokai Yakuindomo Episode #06

We got some cameo appearances for today in the form of “Triple Booking” from Idol no Akahon. And I’ve been thinking that Triple Booking could be the Ousai Student Council girls:

A.) Alter-ego

B.) Previous incarnation from the “Idol no Akahon” world

You do the judge!

Nope, Shino doesn’t look like she’s gone Yandere. That’s because, there’s some scary stories (mostly eerie sounds) coming from Ousai Academy! Guess who’s scared?

Appearantly, Suzu got freaked out! C’mon, she’s a child.

But we found out that it was Yokoshima-sensei who did those weird noises so we’ll just forgive her!

No comment on this… It’s just Aria deflecting a box to Suzu’s head!

Wow, Mutsumi sure is working hard to train these Judo practitioners and turn them into champions.

As long as they don’t use Shino’s hold and blow technique! *snap*

Oh look, Hata-chan interviewing Tsuda-kun… Of course, like Shino-chan, she can inject sexual innuendos in conversations like this!

Having problems on operating a computer?

No problem… just leave it to Suzu on operating it in a blindfold! Don’t try this at home.

Seems that Shino got some hiccups and neither looking and gulping nor sniffing didn’t work.

Looks like it’s the job for Tsuda’s talking crotch! Oh, and that was Suzu who did the talking…

Anyways, it’s time to hit in the beach next episode where Shino has some boob complex and Suzu… still looks like a kid!

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