Asobi ni Iku yo! Episode #05

Since both Kio and Erisu are in captivity, “Let’s play” some “Big Damn Heroes” with Manami and Aoi!

Forgot to mention that the Underpaw or whatever it called has built an “AssistDroid” of their own named Unyaa-kun. It’s so big that they claimed that it’s 100% robot and not a costume… Unfortunately, their claims were false!

Meanwhile, Manami and Aoi are on their way with their “borrowed” powerboat into the Underpaw’s cruise ship… on their skimpy swimsuits provided by this director! It’s originally a prop for a B-movie, but who cares to that. Oh, and BTW, Aoi is officially DFC.

WTF, what’s with their getup? But at least Kio busted the door since Erisu can’t do it when in heat mode.

When one battle maid encounters an AssistDroid, they might submit themselves to the AssistDroids’ cuteness!

There’s another soldier with the same powersuit as Aoi… But it seems that Jens is the one wearing it! We don’t know how Aoi attained the Dogian’s suit technology, but looks like there would be a rivalry between them. Oh, and Aoi was knocked out at the engine room.

Man, will these Antonia’s maids give up already? Even Antonia-chan has to let it go because she doesn’t have friends. They just have to evacuate the ship and get on with their lives!

Oh, and don’t forget these two… Heroic jump! Anyways, looks like Erisu (plus Kio) “got saved” again by the “Big Damn Heroes”! I wish they rename “Let’s play Big Damn Heroes!” because there’s action and lots and lots of saving and fighting. Better yet, just refer to them as the “A-Team”.

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