Maid-sama! Episode #19

This episode continues where it left off at the footman competition, hosted by the guys of Miyabigaoka… There, Misa-chan and Usui are here to compete in order to save Maid Latte!

It was until this event that everything becomes so complicated. Naturally, Usui saved Misaki from falling down, at the cost of his arm! This could be a pain in the ass…

Of course, Usui performs well throughout the pain he has! And c’mon, this is the guy that can do the impossible. Too bad though as Misaki stops him and forfeit the competition due to injuries. But wait, what about Maid Latte?

Looks like Igarashi-kun has to let the go this time around, since he ordered Maki to make a butler cafe on his property instead of Maid Latte. At least that bastard has some heart…

Anyway, everything is back to normal… But for Misaki and Usui’s relationship, it could be a beginning or they’re halfway on becoming the “official” couple!

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