Shukufuku no Campanella Episode #06

Like I mentioned on the last episode, it’s Chelsea’s turn in Campanella. But first, an invention by Leicester that can shoot lasers!

Today’s episode will have a party and everyone is invited, including Chelsea! Oh, and expect some skinship groping before wearing her gown. Also, everyone is loli for Minette-chan!

While Nick and Leicester are guarding inside, the Tortilla sisters are responsible outside the palace. Poor Salsa, though… she’s gets nothing while her sister has!

Oooh, Chelsea got drunk or something! BTW, that guy over there is Leicester’s dad who appeared in Ep. 2.

Suddenly, a Crystal monster crashes the party and starts attacking! Athough Garnet calls it “Glade Viper GX” or something that is cool.

Carina tells her parents to run away is a good thing. After all, this is dangerous stuff with all the clothes ripping and all!

Even more dangerous with Golem’s screech attack!

At least Leicester made it on time and blinds the enemy with light, which gives Chelsea the final blow.

Hmm, a sex reward from Chelsea after defeating a Crystal Monster? Nope, not a chance! With all the girls are now covered (except for the Tortilla sisters and Nina), things will get serious now starting in the 2nd half of Campanella.

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