Amagami SS Episode #07

It’s time for the 3rd Episode of the Kaoru arc in Amagami SS!

Oh, and this time, no bellybutton kissing! We already have one last episode…

Last time, Kaoru was devastated emotionally when she saw her mother with another man, and her mother is planning for a remarriage in which Kaoru doesn’t like an idea of another dad. So, she ditched class and gone missing, which worries Junichi. BTW, that’s a flashback.

But at least she is found at her usual workplace. Man, Junichi is worried big time…

…and Kaoru give him this? At least thank him for giving some company!

Anyway, she feels better after a talk and reconciliation with her mother and receiving a gift from Junichi! Oh, please… Have some guts Junichi on telling your best friend Kaoru that you love her. Are you gonna remain childhood friends?

Final episode is Christmas Day, as always, in Kaoru’s arc. Will they remain as friends or become as lovers? Let’s find out next time!

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