Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi Episode #07

Looks like Ryouko-san and Ryoushi-kun are on a date in today’s episode… well, it’s a double date with a twist! (See that transmitter over Ookami-san’s ear, it’s a request.)

The task goes smoothly as planned, until she falls down on a shallow river and bumped her head just as she is saving the cat.

Now, she’s reverted to her 13-year old self… But at least they spent their time well. I hope she doesn’t encounter-

Baaaad Hitsujikai! Why of all people have to be him? And he almost “eat” Ryouko-san. Good thing there’s Ryoushi-kun to protect her, but it’s not enough to stop that baaaad white sheep! More like BAAAAAAD shepherd, even!!

Anyways, she’s returned to normal… but not forgetting her time with Ryoushi-kun!

As for the clients, they become a happy couple. More like a married couple!

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