Strike Witches 2 Episode #06

Hmm, is that an orbital elevator? Wait a minute, it’s a Neuroi tower! And what they can do to destroy the core that is so high, that it’s almost space? Simple, a rocket booster!

But who’s gonna take that impossible task? Answer: Sanya-chan and… Yoshika-chan? Wait, how come Elia is not selected? Well, Elia is good at dodging that she’s not using her barrier in combat, which is why Yoshika is a good choice due to her big barrier. Cue Elia’s jealous face on Yoshika!

And to add up the misery, not only her shield training flopped, but her friendship with Sanya-chan has gone estranged. Why did you make Sanya cry, Elia-san?

Anyway, it’s mission time! Good thing they’re wearing coats and drank some ginger tea to make them warm over the cold stratosphere.

But what’s this, Yoshika switch places with Elia? How nice! At least she can pull a barrier while Sanya fires her rocket at the core.

Looks like the Sanya x Elia pair is back again as they see Earth in space! What a nice ending for this episode…

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